This is Spring Ford Area SAGE (Springford Area Gifted Education) group website. Here you will find the most current information about our regular activities.


We'll be working on updating this website continually so any information that you would like to add, please let us know.
(see Contacts page).

One of our SAGE parents has offered to coordinate a SAGE e-Magazine that our students would write for and publish. This will include, audio and video, in addition to the writings. Please contact Vijay Aggarwal if your child is interested.





SAGE meeting on 21st May, at the Brooke Cafeteria

More details about the meeting, coming soon

Coming Events

SAGE Meeting -
21st May, at the Brooke Cafeteria
more details coming soon

Pictures from community day service - 2007

Great article for parents of gifted children
By Sue Lein, Owner/Director Camp Emerson















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